National Phase

Totalinfo now offers its clients a very economical patent nationalisation service. Using our extensive experience with patent nationalisation in tandem with the power of our network, we are able to offer our clients the ability to take their patent into  any country, or region. Unlike many (but by no means all) patent attorney firms we are not obliged by any agreement to only offer you one rate sourced from one provider only (which results in a high cost to the patent owner), instead we seek quotes from a number of trusted providers then we offer you the best of these prices, plus a small Totalinfo service fee. Recently in a quote for a client we were able to offer a quote for about 20 countries which was tens of thousands less than that cited by their patent attorney. Unsurprisingly our client was happy about this!

What is the process once Totalinfo receives the order?

  1. You pay for the service in full. This is essential, and is due to the expense of the services we will be procuring on your behalf. Once a confirmed payment has been received Totalinfo begins working for you.
  2. The first step is normally to begin arranging the necessary translations. For this we will require a copy of your priority filing.
  3. In parallel with the translation, we will require you to complete Power of Attorney forms as necessary so that a local patent attorney can be appointed in each chosen territory. If you do not wish to have the hassle of signing a bundle of Power of Attorney forms to authorise patent attorneys in the various countries then we can arrange to do this for you provided you give Totalinfo the authority to act in this way on on your behalf. It is entirely up to you. Either way the signed Power of Attorney forms are required to proceed with the process.
  4. At this point the local attorney will receive the instruction, and any necessary translation.
  5. The local attorney will then submit the national application and the patent will enter the national stage for the country or territory of interest. If you wish to use a different patent attorney when the patent is being examined in the national territory (perhaps an attorney you have used before in that territory), you can easily change attorney to your preferred patent attorney after you have entered the national phase).
  6. At this point our job is done, and you will begin to receive update and communications from the local attorney.

Why not get a quote for national entry of your patent(s) today? Call us on 0843 886 4020 or email us your PCT number (or priority number if you have not yet entered the PCT phase).

Consider using our IP Manager service to help you deal with and manage all the communications which you start to receive following entry into the national phase. Our part-time IP Manager can help you navigate the patent prosecution process and liaise with your patent attorney, to ensure a consistent approach is taken to your patent regardless of territory. We would be happy to provide more details of this service on request.

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