The Patent Office

Why bother with the Patent Office?
Here at Totalinfo, we think it is wise for inventors to protect their inventions at the patent office, if they relate to a commercial opportunity. Normally if makes sense to protect your invention not just at the patent office of your own country, but also at the patent office of other jurisdictions where you believe you are likely to commercialise your invention.

So what is the benefit of contacting a national or international patent office (sometimes known as a country’s Intellectual Property Office e.g. in the UK)? The benefit of registering your patent at the patent office is simple, if you succeed in acquiring a granted patent, you will then possess the ability to exclude other parties from commercialising your invention in that jurisdiction. Of course there is no guarantee that some won’t choose to copy your idea, or to make counterfeit versions of your invention, however if you possess the intellectual property asset, in this case the patent, you or your company can take legal action (should you feel this is the best approach) to protect your invention.

The Patent Office as a source of information
Many patent offices provide a fantastic array of information resources for inventors. If you wish you can look at this information provided there to find out more. For instance the UK patent office has fantastic resources for inventors on its UK IPO. Of course you may neither have the time nor the desire to wade through such information. After all what are intellectual property consultants for?

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