Intellectual Property Search

At Totalinfo, we spend most of our time dealing with patent, trademark, know-how and design issues, and we also have experience with copyright, domain names and plant breeder’s rights. Our most popular service is the prior art search. This service involves looking at what others have already registered and then reporting back to you on the nature of the prior activity. Prior Art search reports can be a great tool to give confidence to investors and to others involved in commercialising your idea as you take it to market.

As an example, a patent search can reveal extensive information regarding the nature of what competitors may be doing. It may also reveal new ways to solve a problem of which you were not previously aware. Knowing who is active in a technology domain is very useful when it comes to licensing. It is also useful to know what others have done if you are seeking to develop technologies which enable you or your company to avoid requiring a licence to use the technologies of other parties.

So if you or your company have an idea, why not check your idea against the work of others by ordering a prior art search? At Totalinfo, we like to meet the needs of innovators large and small so we offer a range of services to suit all budgets. Whether it is a 2-hour basic search report for £149, a Silver Prior Art search for £1299 or a Gold Prior Art search at £2999, we are sure you will find our reports useful as well as fantastic value for money. If none of these reports suit you we will design one specifically tailored to your needs.

What’s a prior art search report for an idea, a patent, a trademark or a design like? Rest assured it is not all text, nor is it just the report itself. The Silver and Gold reports come with a link to an online folder where we provide details of all the patents, trademarks or design registrations which have really stood out as relevant to your idea. Finally, of course, there are the reports themselves. A basic report will be 2-5 pages, a Silver report 10-15 pages, and Gold report 20+ pages in length. Within each report, you will find factual reporting text, analytical text, visual analyses, and of course, the opinion of Totalinfo on each matter, which is based on many years of experience working with intellectual property.

How do you proceed? First we need to start with a confidentiality agreement. This will protect your information, and impose upon us a legal duty to keep any information you share with us confidential. Contact us by email or telephone now on +44 (0) 843 886 4020 and we can start the process. We will send over the confidentiality agreement, or we can use your own company confidentiality agreement, you commission us and in a few days, you can look at your invention in a new light. We look forward to working with you!

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