Silver Prior Art Search Report

Do you have an idea? Are you sure it is novel? Maybe you have filed or are about to file a patent and you need to know if your idea is novel before progressing further and spending many thousands on a patent. As you know if it’s not novel the patent will be rejected during the patent examination phase.

Totalinfo is pleased to offer its Silver Search report for Prior Art. In this report we go into a lot more detail than the basic search. Here we provide an array of reports and analyses based on your invention. We search through patents using not just semantic search but also searching for prior art by patent classification, chemical structure, or (for products with a physical design) by image. We use a range of proprietary search tools (including but not limited to PatSnap) to produce a main report document of around 10-15 pages. We also give you a document showing the relevant patents in your sector, not just a list of patent numbers, but the details of the claims themselves. You will also receive a Key Competitor Analysis (normally 10+ pages), as well as various other analyses (>50 are available to us), not just in text but using visual reporting tools.

We guarantee that you will find this Prior Art report very useful not just to you, but to your colleagues, partners and any current or potential investors.

We will discover new information normally previously unknown to the client about competitors and competing technologies, which often leads our customers to amend their commercialisation strategy, thus saving thousands in wasted R&D costs.

At the end of our report we also provide you with strategic recommendations based on our analyses.

Worried we might be looking to use your ideas? Rest assured we can’t do this. We provide our services according to the British Standard for intellectual property services. To ensure your confidentiality we don’t wish to know any of your confidential information until we have a confidentiality agreement in place. We normally sign this electronically using DocuSign, a key global provider of e-signature services, however we can sign a hard copy confidentiality agreement with you if you prefer.

Why not order a Silver Prior Art search report for your invention today at our promotional price of £1299 GBP? Call us now on +44 843 886 4020 for a free initial conversation to discuss your needs.

Need even more analyses? Order our Gold Prior Art search report.

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