Terms and Conditions

Totalinfo operates its services and the totalinfo.net website under the terms and conditions set out below.

These terms and conditions apply to any work conducted by Totalinfo for you before, on or after the date set out below.  These terms may be varied or added to in correspondence at the time when your instructions are accepted by Totalinfo.

  1. Fees
    • The fees of Totalinfo are based on the time spent dealing with a particular matter. Time spent on a matter includes meetings, telephone calls, travelling, considering, preparing and working on papers and correspondence.
    • The current hourly rate of Totalinfo is £125. This rate may be subject to increase at any time provided that Totalinfo notifies you of the increase.
    • VAT is currently not payable on the fees of Totalinfo.
    • Any sums which Totalinfo incurs on your behalf (such as travel costs, courier costs and all other disbursements) will be payable by you in addition to Totalinfo’s fees.
    • Estimates of costs are given for guidance only, based on the information available to Totalinfo at the time it accepts your instructions.
    • Totalinfo will only provide its services on a fixed cost basis if expressly agreed with you in writing prior to commencing work on a particular matter.
    • Totalinfo may submit interim invoices to you at appropriate intervals during the course of a matter. Unless otherwise agreed, invoices will be submitted every month while matters remain active.
  2. Payment terms
    • Totalinfo’s invoices are due and payable on delivery.
    • Totalinfo is entitled to charge interest on any unpaid sums at the standard statutory rate applicable for small businesses.
  3. Liability
    • Totalinfo’s total liability to you, whether arising under contract, tort or otherwise, shall be limited to £1000.
    • Totalinfo shall not be liable to you for any loss of income, profit, opportunity incurred by you or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind incurred by you, whether arising under contract, tort or otherwise.
    • Totalinfo provides contract consultancy and intellectual property services, (which includes patent research services). It is not a law firm, and as such does not offer, nor will it provide “legal advice”. Equally Totalinfo is not a firm of patent or trademark attorneys. Should you require legal advice we would be happy to recommend a competitively priced solicitor, patent or trademark attorney. Totalinfo also provides Brazilian Portuguese/English language interpreting services.
    • Totalinfo excludes all liability for any claim brought by you against it arising from Totalinfo’s failure to advise you on issues outside the scope of contract consultancy, intellectual property consultancy services, or for Brazilian Portuguese/English language interpreting services.
    • Nothing in these terms or conditions shall exclude or in any way limit Totalinfo’s liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence and/or Totalinfo’s liability for fraudulent acts or fraudulent omissions.
  4. General
    • Your continuing instructions on this matter will amount to your acceptance of these terms and conditions and, unless agreed otherwise, these terms and conditions will apply to any future instructions that you give to Totalinfo.
    • You agree that you will comply with any reasonable requests made by Totalinfo to enable Totalinfo to comply with its obligations under laws and regulations relating to money laundering.
    • The principal service provider at Totalinfo is Richard Nugent. Brazilian language interpreting services are provided by Carina Nugent. Totalinfo reserves the right to deploy additional consultants on work. Richard Nugent’s availability for Totalinfo activity is during weekdays and Saturdays. Totalinfo shall endeavour to deal with any matters as and when they arise but shall not be obliged to provide its services on occasions where a family matter must take precedence. In the event this is likely to impact delivery of a job Totalinfo will make this known to the client.
    • Totalinfo works for a number of clients and shall not be obliged to spend all of its time dealing with your matter.
    • The contract for services between us is not intended to and shall not create or give rise to any third party rights whether arising under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise.
    • The laws of confidence do not apply to the services being provided. As such information you share with Totalinfo is not legally privileged. Recognising this, a core feature of the Totalinfo offering is confidentiality. Totalinfo and its consultants shall keep matters which you reveal to it confidential, until such a time as they become public information. Consultants shall be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. We will be happy to agree a reasonable confidentiality agreement with you if you wish.
    • These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and any dispute relating to them shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts regardless of the jurisdiction within which part or all of the services are delivered. Your use of the services of Totalinfo, including the website of Totalinfo, is an indication of your acceptance of the jurisdiction of the English courts and a commitment by you not to seek to enforce the law of any other jurisdiction.