Totalinfo provides IP and contracts consultancy services. Full details are in our Totalinfo Services Brochure

Services offered include:

  •  Intellectual Property Strategy
  •  Intellectual Assets Management
  •  Licensing & Licensee Identification
  •  Contracts Consultancy
  •  Patent Landscapes
  •  Patent, Trademark and Design searches
  •  Intellectual Assets Policies
  •  Corporate Education & Training
  •  Technology Transfer
  •  Market Entry
  •  China Commercialisation
  •  Brazilian Portuguese/English Interpreting Service (IOL qualified)

We are experienced in helping companies and research organisations in the UK and overseas to commercialise their knowledge. The Totalinfo service is tailored to suit the needs of your company and your budget. If you wish to discuss how we can help you call now on +44 (0) 843 886 4020 or +44 (0) 7715 748003.



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